How This Cops Helped Mow Elderly Man’s Lawn On A Hot Day?

Cops are not only meant to fight crimes. Some of them grab every opportunity to help citizens in simple ways. The temperature in Anaheim, California can get pretty high sometimes!

The weather sometimes becomes hot enough to make most young people feel uncomfortable. So imagine being a senior citizen who works under this kind of heat from the sun. Officers Alex Ungureanu and Lorenzo Uribe were patrolling the streets one hot day in Anaheim.

During their drive, they saw an elderly man mowing his lawn under the heat of the sun. Officers Ungureanu and Uribe went out of their way to help the 83-year-old in mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, and pruning the trees of what turns out to be his friend’s lawn.

The old man named Lupe Robles has a reputation in the neighborhood for being a helpful old man. He’d always take care of people’s lawns just because he wanted to. Lupe has had his helpful reputation for over 13 years.

That is why his friends and neighbors know him and love him. Lupe’s commitment to aiding his neighbors and friends impresses Officers Ungureanu and Uribe. The police liked their day of helping others and maintained that it’s part of their work to assist in small ways as well, and that people don’t often see such things videotaped.

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