This Woman Shares How She Managed To Save $40,000 In one Year. She is a “Budgetarian”

Saving money is difficult, yes, but having nothing to spend when an emergency comes is way more difficult. Spending less than how much you earn is a challenge to many people these days, especially if you have a lot of bills to pay.

YouTuber Lara Joanna Jarvis shares her budgeting secret on how she managed to save $42,430 in just one year. Lara’s first advice is that if you think you want to buy something, wait 30 days before purchasing it!

In that way, you’ll be reducing the amount you spend on impulse buying. Lara also states how meal planning saves money and stress. She said that planning our meals ahead of time helps save money at the grocery store.

It helps us become efficient in the groceries we purchase.Lara also suggests paying for items in cash. It would be helpful to just take out a certain amount of cash every week. This way, you’ll be able to keep better track of how much you are spending. According to Lara, “It (credit cards) just devalues money so much.

Cash just makes it a bigger deal.” In terms of buying clothes, Lara recommends keeping a document or record of the clothes you already own. She said, “Whenever you feel like you haven’t got anything to wear, you can look at your photos and pick out an outfit.

”One of the things Lara’s shared about effective budgeting is to always keep in mind what your reason is for saving. She said, “Know you’re why, write it down and always keep a look on it and congratulate yourself.”Watch Lara’s money-saving tips in the video below.

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