This Family’s beautiful farmhouse-style cozy home looks like straight from a Pinterest feed. Take a look inside.

One of the biggest challenges in designing and building a tiny house is making sure that it’s suitable for its inhabitants’ needs. The obstacles become even steeper when you’re watching over the needs of each family member. What if you’re a family of four? How will you manage the limited space? Emma and Joel built their downsized home in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Believe it or not, the home they’ve got has room for their family!

From afar, you can tell that their house is not like any other. The house is situated on a property that they turned into a big playground for their two daughters. The transition from a big to a smaller home became so much easier when they incorporated the vast playground and outdoor space in their new lifestyle.

Beautiful farmhouse interior design and outdoor space.

From a vintage-inspired tank pool to slides, swings, sandboxes, and an awesome deck where the family spends most of their time—their farmhouse-style tiny home is a paradise for both kids and adults. The family’s dream home started when Emma and Joel bought a 6-acre property but couldn’t do anything because it was situated in a remote area. Luckily, Emma’s parents are just five minutes up the road.

The location already came with trampolines and other fun amenities for children. “In the end, I think it turned out beautifully for our family,” Emma admitted. It’s also beautiful that her two daughters are growing in Emma’s childhood home. Seeing her kids play and enjoy the outdoors fills Emma’s heart with joy and contentment.

Beautiful farmhouse interior design and outdoor space.

“That’s part of the reason why we moved to a tiny house was to be outside, have more family time, and now we’re close to family, which is the best of both worlds,” she continued. Emma and Joel also had the concept figured out right from the beginning. They wanted the farmhouse interior design and cozy vibe that unites a homestead aesthetic with nature.


The façade of their magnificent home is cedar cladding with a tin roof. The house is 30 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 13.5 feet tall. The open floor layout and farmhouse interior style greet you as you walk in. Emma and Joel’s home has a farmhouse flavor from every nook and cranny. Old hutches, galvanized fixtures, and dinnerware carefully displayed in storage can be found around the house. No matter where you look, the flawless layout puts you at ease.

Beautiful farmhouse interior design and outdoor space.

When you enter the house, the first thing you’ll notice is the kitchen. Emma desired a large kitchen and dining area where she could spend time with her daughters while cooking. When it’s time to eat, the couple takes out the wooden dining table and sits at it together.


Emma also justified the humongous fridge in their kitchen. The kids love eating snacks, and they’re a family of four․ So, they’ll need a bigger food storage space for their groceries. The kitchen’s sizable sink and spacious countertops were also a must-have for the family. The kitchen’s vaulted ceiling allows the room to feel spacious.


Even if you’re a tall guy, you won’t feel cramped in a tight space. Because of the vaulted ceiling taking up what’s supposed to be the couple’s loft, they both sleep in the pull-out couch. “I am so surprised by how romantic, how cozy it is, and how private it feels even though we have the girls’ loft just right upstairs,” Emma revealed. Joel also explains how life with toddlers doesn’t give you a lot of privacy.

Beautiful farmhouse interior design and outdoor space.

And since the girls sleep early, the couple has the first floor all to themselves during nighttime. The bed also doubles as an oversized couch where the couple read books to their daughters and have lovely family time. As for storage, Emma and Joel each got their cupboards for clothing. They also utilized the stair’s steps and turned it into space-saving storage for their toys.

The living room also has a metal hook on its ceiling where the couple mounts an adorable swing, which the girls use all the time. Beside the stairs is a pocket door that leads to the house’s bathroom. You’ll be surprised by the room’s sheer size. It has a big washer dryer, which is essential for a family of four. The full-sized bathtub was also a non-negotiable for the kids.


The sink and vanity also have plenty of storage space for toiletries and bathroom essentials. They also got a handy composting toilet to save water and eliminate the need to design a septic field. Emma’s favorite part of the house is their kids’ loft. The stairs also have a bookshelf where the kids can grab their favorite storybooks before going to bedtime.

Beautiful farmhouse interior design and outdoor space.

Emma considers her daughter’s bedroom as the coziest space in the whole house. The couple takes turns reading books for Isla and Ivy, making the loft a place of whimsy and comfort. The other side of the loft is Ivy’s room, where her big crib sits nicely in the middle of the loft. Emma incorporated a few hanging spaces, along with a beautiful nursing chair.

Beautiful farmhouse interior design and outdoor space.

The kids’ rooms still feature the farmhouse interior design and color scheme the rest of the house has.The whole family has been living in the tiny house for six weeks, and they’re doing pretty awesome. “I think it’s been surprisingly quick,” Joel said. “We thought it would take quite a bit longer . . . [the kids] thought it was just the coolest thing ever and they still love it.”

Beautiful farmhouse interior design and outdoor space.

Their oldest Isla would always correct her father whenever he says ‘small house’ or ‘mini house.’ It’s a called ‘tiny house,’ and she takes pride in her new home, especially her beautiful loft. “I feel like we’ve made a really good choice for a family,” Emma admitted. The couple realized that living tiny also entailed a slower pace of life and a simpler way to look and do things.

Beautiful farmhouse interior design and outdoor space.

Like the farmhouse interior design, Emma and Joel’s living situation puts a prime focus on practicality, peace, and warmth. The home’s front mat reads: “Love grows best in little houses. Just like this.” Emma explains how true that statement is. Living in a tiny house enabled their family to communicate while still allowing everyone to have personal space.


The farmhouse-inspired home costs about 88,000 USD. Emma, Joel, and their kids are still falling in Love with their captivating sanctuary with each passing day. And they’re not planning on moving back to their previous life anytime soon.

Here’s a quick tour of their lovely home:

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