Where is the peeping man in this image?

A nice girl and a young man are walking in the garden. The action takes place around the 18th – 19th century. This can be seen from the style of the newlyweds’ clothes.

Most likely this is their own garden, and their estate is visible in the distance. It can be assumed that wealthy parents gave them a gift on the occasion of marriage!

The girl tells her boyfriend what exactly she wants to change in the garden: put up a gazebo, install a swing, improve the lawn and flower beds. She loves doing household chores and will enjoy looking after her new garden.

But while walking, the young do not know that they are not alone in the garden. Someone is spying on them. It turns out that some young man climbed into the garden with them. Where is he? Do you see the naughty one? How did you manage to find him?

This brainteaser sweeping the web has left even the most eagle-eyed of puzzlers feeling perplexed. But with hundreds positioned at different angles in the busy image, the task is trickier than it may initially seem.

According to experts, the current record stands at nine seconds – but can you do any better when you give it a whirl?

He hid very well, but still we found him. Look, h e hid in the rose bushes!

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