“Random” Stranger Gives Stranded Woman a Ride—3 Yrs Later, She Finds Out Who He Really Is

It only takes one small act of kindness to radically change someone’s day. What’s better is when God uses people and circumstances to bless us in ways we could have never imagined.

A few years ago, a woman named TunDe ran out of gas on the side of the road. With her gas can in hand, and only $5 in her pocket, she made her way to the gas station. Feeling like the woman needed help, a young man offered her a ride. He paid for her gas, and even gave her all of the cash he had in his wallet. An unexpected act of kindness that TunDe has never forgotten.

Now fast forward three years. TunDe worked as a housekeeper for a woman named Judy Wright. TunDe told the account of the day she was blessed by the young man at the gas station during one of her shifts.

Judy’s son Chris, taken aback by what he was hearing, disclosed that he was the man who had met and cared for TunDe that day. We serve a powerful God who orchestrates everything for the welfare of those who love Him. So I’m confident that TunDe and Chris reuniting was no fluke. When TunDe was assigned to care for their ailing mother, the Wright family believed she was a gift from God. They had no doubts about it now.

After Judy passed away, the Wright family decided to bless TunDe in a BIG way. Her dreams of becoming a nurse had always been put on the back burner because of financial difficulties. In an effort to turn those dreams into a reality, the Wright family requested that friends and loved ones donate money to TunDe’s educational fund in lieu of flowers for Judy’s funeral.

“To know her is to love her, and we are all in awe of how God worked so miraculously, for our paths to cross again when we needed her the most.” TunDe’s reaction to the family’s blessing is absolutely priceless!

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