This Woman builds $1,180 cozy home in the woods to live close to nature. Take a look inside!

Most people would describe their ideal home as something equipped with all the amenities that modern life has to offer. But for this woman living in the wild woods of Wales, her reality is modernization’s entire opposite!

That’s because she lives in an earthen home with no running water, electricity, the internet, or even a telephone. Emma has been living in this unique tiny house for two decades, which she built only for £1000 ($1,300).

And this is not because she can’t afford to live in a “regular” home. Emma chose this lifestyle and created her own parallel reality because she has no interest in participating in what most of us refer to as “modern” living.

Emma didn’t want to be a wage slave and work endlessly just to make ends meet. She believes that the Earth wants humans to be happy, and she found that living in isolation—in a home built from all-natural materials—is what satisfies her the most.

This remarkable woman is as free as free can be. She doesn’t have to worry about the pressures of daily living. She has no debt, no rent, and no credit cards to stress about.

Emma owns the land where the house is built, so her earthen home is completely legal. As for food, she’s got chickens and goats that provide eggs and milk for her. She uses an open fire to cook her meals and gets water from the stream outside her home, which is potable and clean.

Summers are beautiful there, but she confesses that the winters are difficult. During the winter, Emma must chop wood, carry water, and do everything else she can to stay alive. Her home, she claims, is the result of trial and error. Her roof, which is covered in greenery, rests on straw bale walls.

A person standing from away would not notice that her roof is “alive” and packed with plants, and that there is a tiny dwelling inside. It simply blended in with its surroundings, which is ideal for anyone who feels that living in harmony with nature is the only way to live.

The home has massive windows with no curtains because Emma likes getting natural lighting both from the sun and the moon. The structure of her ceiling is a work of art, with each rafter sitting on top of another. Emma says this is a metaphor for equality because each piece of wood helps carry the load.Emma has also built a fireplace inside her home where she heats water for her tea and cooks when she can’t have it done outside.

And while most people prepare their meals standing up, Emma can’t do so as she doesn’t have any tables or counters.She actually has no furniture—not even cabinets or cupboards—so she does everything sitting or squatting on the floor, which she says is the way she likes it.

Emma gets her water from a stream to meet her sanitary needs. She has a sauna, a fire-heated bath, and a composting toilet in her home. A river is also nearby, so she can swim whenever she wants.

For many people, this kind of living may appear extreme. But, based on Emma’s happiness and contentment, we believe she has figured out what it means to truly live. The story of this woman is a lovely reminder of how little we really need to live and survive. Remember to share your ideas in the comments section below!

Take a virtual tour inside Emma’s wonderful home in the video below. Source:

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