Let’s See If You Can Spot The Different Shade Of Strawberry On The Picture

You may think that spotting colors is no big deal, but it can be. You may know the difference between blue and green, or yellow and red, but how about different shades of a particular color? Now, that’s a challenge for some people, and we have one of such for you!

Take a look at these strawberries and see if you can spot the different shades of red. Come on, focus, and you can do it! It is always great to exercise your brain, but not all brain exercises are puzzles and riddles. Some simply require concentration and visual focus.

The human retina has three colored light receptors, according to science. One is for a red light, another is for the green light, and the third is for blue light. These sensors are capable of perceiving over a million different color tones.

If you block one of these light receptors, you’ll receive a shade that’s a blend of the other two colors. You’ll obtain a black shade if you block all three light receptors. Yes, it is why you’re black when you close your eyes, in case you were wondering.

Now, let’s see if your receptor for red light is working optimally. Your eyes are awesome if you identified the second one in the second row…

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