What Kind Of chickens are inside of These Black Eggs? This Wonder Will Amaze You!

Each of us, at least once in his life, has seen such chickens that sometimes had black plumage. But few people have seen absolutely black chickens. When the farmer saw these images for the first time, he immediately thought that it was photoshop, because it cannot be in reality.

It turned out that there is a rather rare decorative breed of black chickens in the world, which is called Ayam Tsemani. Chickens of this wonderful breed have not only black feathers, but also claws, beak, comb, paws, skin, bones, as well as meat, internal organs, and even black eggs!

Only their blood is quite the usual red color, but hardly darker than that of ordinary chickens. There were a lot of rumors that it was also black, but it all turned out to be fiction.

The feathers of “Ayam Tsemani” have a peculiar metallic black gloss to them. Adult members of this breed were once fairly expensive in the United States, costing $ 2,500. The fibromelanosis gene, which is dominant in these chickens’ bodies and causes hyperpigmentation, has given them a black tint.

Their country of origin is Indonesia, and they were originally transported to Europe in 1990. They will almost certainly have “mystical” superpowers in “Ayam Tsemani’s” homeland. Source: https://land-of-news.com/

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