Can You Fing The Big Error In this picture? Answer is Below!

Being able to spot the tiniest of details is a vital life skill that can put you at a great advantage. Whether you’re walking down the street or just sitting on your couch, you are always surrounded by little details and pieces of information that most people fail to see!

While our brains struggle to understand everything around us, you may use the photo puzzles we’ve provided to train yourself to recognize what you’re looking for. Examine the image above carefully. You’re seeking for a flaw – one major blunder that renders the entire scenario improbable, if not outright impossible.

A man can be seen reading a book in his comfortable armchair in the photo. He has eyeglasses on and a bright bulb near him for ease of reading. But where is the mistake? Is there a problem with the individual or his surroundings? The time limit for completing the problem is running out! If you don’t look closely, you’ll miss your chance to solve the problem.

Here’s one final piece of advice before we reveal the correct answer. The mistake you’re looking for is somehow related to that lamp. Now take another look and scroll down to view the solution once you’re done.

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