This couple in love were not allowed to get married. How They met again after 22 years?

Helen Marshall and Graham Richardson met and fell in love at school. The first feelings were captured by teenagers, and after nine months of the relationship, Graham proposed to his girlfriend.

The guy worked weekends to earn money for a diamond ring. It cost so much that Graham’s best friend, upon learning about his plans, decided that he was going crazy. Helen agreed to the proposal, but the parents did not approve of their desire to get married, considering that they were too young for this.A year later, Graham left for college.

The lovers attempted to connect, but their letters were intercepted by their parents. Helen was either not at home or busy when Graham called, and she was not welcomed to the phone. The partnership quickly came to an end. Helen and Graham have both married. Both Helen and Graham had children with their partners: Helen had four children and Graham had two.

The former bride and groom only met briefly at school events and did not even approach each other.“I drove slower when I passed Helen to watch her hair flutter in the wind,” Graham recalls. “But I couldn’t talk to her, and it was very upsetting.” 20 years after their high school romance, Helen suddenly wrote to Graham on social networks when, already being divorced, she found out that her ex-lover’s marriage had also broken up.

Feelings flared up with renewed vigor, and Graham finally brought to an end what he had started at school – he married his beloved. He made the second proposal during a joint vacation in Croatia. Graham wrote the words of love in the sand and, getting down on one knee, presented Helen with the same ring that he gave her when she was 15. And she said again, “Yes!”

The wedding was small and intimate, with only the bride’s parents in attendance. Burgers and champagne were served to the newlyweds to commemorate their special day. “We are each other’s halves,” says the narrator.

I now feel like I’ve found a place to call home. “I’m in my rightful place,” Helen declares. The wedding with Helen, according to Graham, is the ideal end to their love journey. He couldn’t even think about her, but fate brought them back together. “Never have my friends seen me so delighted.” Graham exclaims, “It’s all here!” Source:

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