9 Out Of 10 Viewers Can’t Spot The ODD one

Today is another great day to put your observation skills to the test with a fun picture puzzle that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Are you ready for this new challenge that has been leaving many people scratching their heads? Not many can spot the odd purse out in just 10 seconds but what about you?

Take a good look at the image below and see if you can spot the odd one out within the timeframe! The image shows red purses with yellow buttons. It seems like all of them are the same but one of them is actually different from the rest!

Have you seen the strange purse yet? If you answered yes, congrats! You are one of the select few who were able to locate it immediately away. But if you’re still looking, take your time and let us know how long it took you to find it in the comments area.

Please feel free to enlist the assistance of your friends or family, as this will only add to the enjoyment! Are you still looking? Pay closer attention to the image’s lower right side, and you might just strike it rich! You can also look at the answer in the section below.

Scroll down to view the answer…

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