Which Of These Kids Snuck Out Of The Room At Night?

It’s time to put your eyes and your mind to the ultimate test with a series of picture puzzles we have prepared for you. Riddles and brainteasers of all sorts have been proven beneficial to our health for many reasons. From keeping us entertained to helping us boost our abilities, solving puzzles offers a great way for you to spend your free time.

Which Of These Kids Snuck Out Of The Room At Night?

If you like puzzles as much as we do, let’s get started right away!In this first puzzle, you can see five children lying in their respective beds. All of them appear sound asleep and nothing looks odd at the first sight.

But if you take a closer look at the window, you will see it’s slightly opened. That’s because one of the kids snuck out at night and forgot to close it when he or she returned to the room!

Your mission is to investigate more and gather evidence to determine who of the youngsters sneaked out of the room at night! Have you figured out what’s going on yet? Here’s a tidbit of information: It’s bitterly cold outdoors, and we all know what bare feet can do!

This is your final chance to solve the riddle. Scroll down to see the right answer once you’ve finished thinking. At night, the girl on the left side of the image sneaked out of the room. When she returned, she even neglected to take off her shoes!

Don’t worry if you enjoyed this problem but thought it was too easy. We have an even more difficult visual challenge in store for you.

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