Can you Spot the difference?

Science says that if you want your brain to always remain in good cognitive health, sharp and full of focus, then it too needs mental exercises to remain active. If there are certain aspects of your life that you don’t bother about anymore, much like a Facebook feed, then your brain too responds less to such subjects much like how you cease to get notifications from those topics that don’t interest you on Facebook.

Can you Spot the difference?

After all, your brain is the greatest example of an algorithm that determines what is in your best interests. Thus if you want your brain to be sharp, indulge in as much mental stimulation as possible.

We have created one for you which is the popular spot the differences game so carry on and see how fast you can find the differences in the picture. This will prove how good you are where attention to detail is concerned. Check your answers at the end of the article.

Scientists believe that our brain needs constant training to stay sharp and active, just like our muscles. Quizzes are an effective and fun way to do that. Today we came up with a test that will definitely show if you have an eagle eye and can spot tiny details. The images in each pair are almost identical, with only one small difference.

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