This lamb dancing with her vet is all you need to see today

It was just an ordinary Thursday at the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center in Longview, Texas, but it’s one that somehow managed to launch them into the viral stratosphere online.

Chris Kemper, the shelter’s director, frequently photographs photos around the office to post on their Facebook page. Chris noticed Erin Dryden’s pet lamb acting strangely in the hallway on this particular day.

Erin and Ursula the lamb have been best friends since Erin adopted her at birth, and the rest of the employees enjoy watching the joyful little lamb following Erin around during the day. Ursula was skipping along behind lead animal care technician Nina Allen as Chris stepped out of his office.

Who was on her way to the operating room? Chris’s face lit up when he saw the skipping lamb, so he decided to share the joyous image with their admirers online. “I wanna dance with somebody, some baa baa baa body who loves me!” The caption read. The video is done in slow motion so you really get a good look at the exuberant little lamb kicking up her heels.

Lamb In Longview, Texas Goes Viral With Hilarious Dance Moves — InspireMore

She gets some serious height in those joyful leaps! It’s also hilarious watching Nina jumping gamely into the air as well, and you can tell the whole office is entertained by both their two and four-legged coworkers.

“Our thought was, ‘Let’s just post this. It will make some people laugh, and it keeps us in the Facebook cycle until the next morning,’” Chris explained. But the video did just a teensy bit better than that. By the time Chris logged in the next morning the video had already been viewed 2.8 million times on Facebook alone!

Watch Ursula doing her disco dance in the video below, and be sure to share to spread their message even further.

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