She become wife to a 71-year-old man when she was 18. What happened to this family

Beautiful Miliana lived in a Serbian village. A lot of guys liked her, they looked after her. But she did not consider them, because she was bored and uninterested with her peers. When she was walking with her dog, she met Miloiko, who at that time was 71 years old!

They talked a lot, and the girl realized that he was a kindred spirit for her. They began to spend a lot of time together and soon became very close. The beauty decided to share her feelings with her parents. But they were surprised by the one in favor of whom the daughter made her choice.

The old man had three children, all of whom were older than the young lady. However, no matter how hard the parents tried to persuade their daughter to change her mind, she was stubborn. The pensioner’s children, on the other hand, we’re relieved that the elderly man now has someone to look after him.

Of course, society reacted differently to such an alliance. There was especially a lot of talk about their wedding. The church did not give permission for the wedding, because the age difference of 53 years is too great. Nevertheless, they live happily for more than two years. Every day spent together is important for them.

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