This 22-year-old boy married a 50-year-old woman. How their life now after 2 years?

It is difficult to predict at what age you will meet your love. And even more, you don’t know what age difference you will have. The love story of a 50-year-old woman Sharon and a 22-year-old boy Perry became proof of that!

Sharon was married for about 16 years, but the marriage broke up. From her first spouse, she gave birth to three children, all of them are, of course, adults. After parting with her husband, she did not become depressed, on the contrary, she wanted a new relationship and a new life.

She began to get acquainted with various websites. It was on one of the sites that she saw a picture of the charming infantryman Perry, who conquered her with his romanticism.

The woman revealed the truth about her age, adult children, and a grandson in her letter. They met and decided to legalize their relationship the same year. The woman’s children had no objections to her having a relationship with a young man.

Also, the guy’s mother exhibited wisdom by not interfering with love. They are still together two years later. It’s even amusing for them to recall how terrified they were of this 28-year age gap.

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