Can you Spot The Mistake In This Picture?

There are few better ways to train your eyes and brain while having a good time than by solving mind-boggling puzzles and riddles. If you agree, you’ll simply love what we have in store for you. It’s time to upgrade your observation skills by taking a close look at the image below and trying to spot a big error!

A couple can be seen in their home’s kitchen in the photo above. While the man sits and reads the newspaper, his companion cleans the floor and smiles at him. While nothing appears to be incorrect at first sight,

there is a significant error somewhere in the image. You’ll understand what we’re talking about after you see it! Take a closer look at the image and try to figure out what’s going on.

Have you figured out what the problem is yet? If not, we’ll assist you in determining the proper answer on your own. Nothing about the pair or what they’re doing is wrong. Instead, one of their appliances is malfunctioning. Perhaps it isn’t serving the intended goal.

Once you’ve realized what we’re talking about, make sure to verify your answer below. Source: ©BrightSide

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