19-Year-Old Mom has 4 kids. People Say I’ve RUINED My Life Having Babies But …

A teenage mother with three children and another baby on the way has slammed her online trolls and haters for criticizing her life decisions. Many have called the young mom out for having too many kids too soon, adding how she has more or less ruined her life by taking on so many responsibilities at such a young age.

The TikTok mother named Claire shed light upon how she’s happily married, owns her own home too, and feels blessed every second of the day. Moreover, she advised others who love getting into her business to get out and worry about themselves instead of making wrong judgments and assumptions all of the time!

Taking to her account on TikTok, the mother spoke about she is not a fan of the wrongful criticism she receives, adding how haters do not pay her bills.“I met my husband when my son was just three months old, and then we tied the knot shortly after that,” she went on to explain.

While the couple may have an age gap that’s very noticeable, they claim to be doing just fine and are madly in love with each other. Claire shed light upon how she’s pregnant again with her fourth child and she couldn’t be more grateful about it.

“My spouse and I have an age difference, which irritates a lot of people,” she continued. Similarly, the adolescent mother mentioned that her husband has a few children of his own, which she accepts.

“So, basically, I’m 19 years old, have four children, and a husband, and I absolutely enjoy my life,” she concluded emphatically. In a response to another troll on her account, the adolescent mother explained how she’s doing well for herself, with a fully paid-off car, a large family, and is even a homeowner.

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