Can you Spot 2 Mistakes in this picture?

People are going crazy over a viral picture that features two very obvious mistakes. Do you have what it takes to solve our newest hide-and-seek challenge? We are about to find out!

Check out the picture above and tell us what you can see. Your job this time is to find out what’s wrong with the cartoon. What we can tell you is that you’re looking for TWO major mistakes.

While most people notice the bus, the driver, and the lady with the umbrella right away, only the keenest observers can spot the errors. Before we reveal the solution, have another look at the image. Have you noticed it? Don’t give up too soon.

Here’s one last piece of information that can help you solve the puzzle on your own. There’s a problem with the bus! When the vehicle starts going, this might be quite dangerous.

And the answer is… The bus has no wing mirrors and no windshield wipers! While the use of side mirrors is always important for everyone’s safety, windshield wipers are quite frankly a must on a rainy day like this.

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