Can You Spot The Two DEER Hiding In This Photo?

A perfectly-timed photo has gone viral after viewers were challenged to spot the animals hiding in the snap. As is often the case when we’re out in nature, animals can see and hear us long before we notice them. Sometimes, however, we might just be able to spot their hideout if we look closely enough.

Users were invited to try to locate two deer hidden in the woods in the shot above, which was published on Reddit. “Deer are masters of camouflage. The caption reads, “Yes, there is a deer in this photo, looking directly at the camera.”

Having said that, it’s time to put your eyes to the test! Attempt to locate the two deer as soon as feasible. Have you found the elusive deer? We know they’re somewhere in there, and they’re staring right at you.

Hint: look for signature rounded ears and dark eyes to spot the two deer in no time! Here they are:

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