This Bride was Angry After The Guest Loaded 10 Tupperware With Food and what kind of gift she gave to them will amaze you

Weddings usually have a lot of family drama. But this bride has come out to give an account of her wedding day, and it wasn’t the usual wedding drama faced by most. This bride from Western Pennsylvania told her story on the quite popular Facebook account ‘That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming.’

The furious bride explained that she wanted a small wedding, without all the fuss of a huge guest list and so on. She said: “My husband and I had a very small wedding ceremony and reception, probably about 25 people were invited.”As expected, there was going to be surplus food for everyone seeing as there were so few guests, but things didn’t go as planned!

A few days before the wedding, her dad had asked for permission for his friend’s daughter and her husband to attend the reception, of course, the bride had no problem with this. It’s just two more months, what could possibly go wrong? She was about to be amazed!

The woman showed up, without her husband, but with about 10 Tupperware containers, ready to take food away! The woman allegedly filled about 7 Tupperware with food, 3 with homemade cookies, took a couple of beers, and a lot of centerpieces.

Who does that?! The bride didn’t even realize this as she was busy with other guests, it was her dad who informed her about the woman’s actions. To top it all off, on opening the woman’s gift, the bride realized the woman had given her a $5 note.

The bride went on to air her frustration, especially at the fact that the woman who had behaved so rudely wasn’t poor at all. In fact, she was probably better off than the bride. Her post enraged readers, and some of them suggested what she should do in response to the woman’s actions. One wrote:

“Message her asking for money to cover the cost of the food and centerpieces she took.” That was very rude and appalling! Wedding ceremonies are to celebrate the couple’s love, not for food to be shared fancy-free!

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