This Couple Married For 40 Years, Lives On A Farm. What is the secret of their Dream life?

Life on the farm became a paradise for this couple. Steve Green, 90, and his wife Jeanie, 67, have been married for 40 years. They have an old-fashioned life and do not use any modern luxuries such as the Internet! What seems like a must-have in a modern world does not correlate with the spouses, who are the happiest on their own land.

Steve and Jeanie live in North Yorkshire, Britain. Their rare outings include going to the closest city to buy a newspaper and a snack, however, they have never been to London. Their modest and simple life is the reason for their happiness. They became famous when Channel 5 featured them in one of their shows, The Yorkshire Vet. Its viewers could meet the Greens and fall in love with their lifestyle and passion for work and each other!

For the past several years, they have gotten up at 6 a.m. every day to run their regular errands. They used to have cows, but due to Steve’s health concerns, they had to sell them. There are now calves, donkeys, cats, and dogs on the premises. The couple was even offered a large sum of money to sell their farm, but they declined. We have no concept of money. It’s all set to go.

At our age, people ask us why don’t we retire but we never will. We’re happy because we’re together and because of our life on this farm. We’d never sell up. The Greens were married at St Mary’s Church and had a modest honeymoon 50 miles away from their home. Since then, they didn’t travel further. Now, as the couple has become TV personalities, they renewed their wedding vows, filming the whole event! The heartwarming words they had to say for each other are truly inspiring.

You’ve made me the happiest man in the planet since we met 40 years ago. Everything you say is true. Jeanie had the sweetest response: It was such a lovely moment when I first saw you. I shall always love you. Farmers cultivate their own crops and cut wood for the fire. They still adore each other as much as they did when they first met.

People like them are extremely unusual in today’s world of luxury and technology, which develops and advances at a breakneck pace! Time seems to have stood still in this little hideaway, a typical British countryside that has become a romantic haven for this two! We can’t help but be impressed with them!

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