Amazing story Of This Graduation Photos

When you reach a milestone in life, there are special people with whom you want to celebrate. It doesn’t matter how far they might be from you, you want them to be by your side when that great thing happens. A Singaporean student flew back home from Australia just to take a photo with her grandfather.

Ranie’s parents were generally absent while she was a child since they had to work. Her grandparents took on the responsibility of caring for her. During this time, she had a close relationship with her grandfather!

Unfortunately, Ranie’s grandfather suffered a stroke in 2018, making it difficult for him to attend her graduation in Australia. Rather than accepting her conditions, Ranie chose to fly to see her grandfather.

Ranie brought the graduation to her grandad and engaged the services of Little Panny studio. While speaking to Mothership, the co-head of Jen Pan photography, of which Little Panny is a subsidiary, revealed that not only did Ranie use her money to book for the photoshoot, but she also bought the plane tickets herself.

While it might seem insane to spend that much money and effort to take a picture, Ray explained that he had some insight into why she wanted the photos. He said: “I’m sure many of us thought of something we want to do with our loved ones but put it off until there was no chance to do so.

She didn’t want to live that regret.”He described the photo session as beautiful and emotional, especially when he asked her when she would be leaving. Ranie’s story is proof that distance is not enough to break the special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. It also inspires us to appreciate those we love, doesn’t it?

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