Can you find the pacifier in this picture?

Not everyone can describe themselves as being “observant.” Some might even consider themselves so distracted that they can’t even find the pencil that they had in their hand a second ago or the keys that are in their pocket. But hey, maybe you’re a great observer, and all you need to do is train your latent talent. Can you find the pacifier?

Solving puzzles and riddles is a fun way to give your brain the daily workout it needs. Brain games can help improve your cognitive function, keep your memory sharp, enhance your reasoning skills, boost your productivity, and help you make better solutions to real-life problems…

After a long day at work, solving brain teasers and puzzles are a fantastic way to relax. It not only keeps us entertained, but it also helps us improve our cognitive abilities. Such cognitively engaging activities may help with abilities such as attention, thinking, and reasoning!

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