A Life-Changing Makeover. That was a wonderful gift in her sadness to make her so beautiful. How she looks Now will amaze you!

Some things in life are made better by a fabulous physical transformation. We all have different ways of coping with unfortunate events in our lives. Some people divert their attention and energy to productive activities, some embrace their sadness and cry their hearts out, while others decide to change their appearance!

Christopher Hopkins, often known as The Makeover Guy, is known for assisting ladies in revealing their inner beauty. Maggie, 52, is one of the stunning women who received aid from the Makeover Guy to change something about their appearance.

Maggie had only been widowed for a year when her police officer husband died one day after his retirement. She flew all the way from Vero Beach, Florida to Christopher Hopkins’ “appearance studio” in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after hearing about the Makeover Guy’s ability to alter ladies like her.

When asked about her story, Maggie couldn’t help but cry when she revealed about her husband’s passing. After a few hours of a makeover, Maggie is almost unrecognizable with her more youthful look.

Christopher’s team enhanced Maggie’s blondness and made her best features stand out more. After seeing herself in the mirror, Maggie reacted, “Oh my God, I’d never of thought I’d look like this. That does not look like me at all.”

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