Watch this 12-Years-Old Girl’s “Horrible” Performance, Her A Capella Singing Was Wonderful

Participation in the talent shows is a great way to try yourself on a big stage, and to show off your ability either to sing, dance, or do something else for the audience. Participants are naturally pumped up by discussion programs, and they are concerned about the outcome.

Everyone is waiting for the judges’ feedback as they decide who will leave the program and who will stay. The 12-year-old Ansley Burns from South Carolina, went on America’s Got Talent to make her long-time dream come true. She wanted to become a real star.

Nevertheless, Simon Cowell interrupted the girl right in the middle of the performance and said it was horrible. After a while, he asked Ansley Burns to sing without music. It was truly fantastic. She is such a talented girl! Watch the video here!

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