This cat did not want the baby in the family. What the hidden camera showed amazed the parents

This cat came to the owners as an adult. The couple took him from the shelter and the cat, deprived of attention, love, and care for a long time, finally found them. But it was only for the time being, namely, until the baby appeared in the family.

And so the red cat, nicknamed Sunny, lost sleep and peace. He was demonstratively indifferent to the baby, and the family, in order to be sure that the cat would not harm the child, put a hidden camera in the child’s room.

And by morning they hurried to see what was there and were just amazed to see what the cat was doing when the whole family was sleeping. At night, the baby woke up but did not cry, and the cat immediately heard it and ran up to her. The cat impressively lay down next to him and began to warm the baby.

The baby, who was already preparing to cry, instantly calmed down and continued to sleep sweetly. Sunny lay next to the baby for four hours, and by morning he appeared to the owners and throughout the day showed the same indifference, ostentatious and deliberate.

Sunny always had a habit of not showing her love and affection for others, in the case of a child, this was aggravated by jealousy and a sense of possessiveness. But, as it turned out, in fact, the cat is extremely affectionate and caring!

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