Which Of These Men Has A Girlfriend? Find a detail

Brain teasers require you to use logical reasoning. Let’s see how fast you can solve this riddle in 7 seconds. Here’s a picture showing two men in their house, look closely at each picture and find out which of these men has a girlfriend.

Do you have any idea how you’d be able to figure out the answer just by glancing at a picture? That is why, in order to solve riddles like this, you must think logically. Do you know that logical reasoning is handled by the left side of your brain? The left side of your brain is active when you appear perplexed and begin to think of a solution.

Surprisingly, we are not all born with the ability to reason logically. It is something that develops over time as a result of practice and education. The difficulties we may face in life force us to think logically. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for a challenge for your brain to start thinking logically. Riddles and riddles are effective ways to pass the time.

Automatically, you start paying more attention to details until you get what you are looking for. And when it comes to details, we bet you were able to get the right answer to that riddle in 7 seconds! If you picked the man whose house is all messed up and is sitting on a couch watching the television rather than the man sitting on the sofa,

smiling and speaking to someone on the phone, then you are absolutely correct! No doubt the man in the first half of the picture has a girlfriend because there are a woman’s slippers under the sofa. You did a great job! Keep on solving more riddles to become super smart!

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