Miracle Baby Born At 2:22 On 2/22/22 But There’s Way More To The Story Of Why She’s A Miracle

Judah Grace Spear was born at 2:22 am on Tuesday 2/22/22, meaning she’s a miracle. But as impressive as all those twos may be, there are a lot of other signs pointing to God’s work in this little one’s life.

As Aberli and Hank Spear, a couple from Burlington, North Carolina, welcomed their first child, it seemed like the number two was coming at them from everywhere. For starters, it was a Tuesday (Twosday?) in February — February 22 to be exact, or 2/22/22.

Additionally, their baby girl, Judah Grace Spear, arrived at 2:22 am in hospital room number 2. She arrived weighing 7 pounds and 10 ounces and when calculated out, that totals 122 ounces!

But, while the numerical parallels are fascinating, they aren’t what make Judah a miracle. And it’s the story of this wonderful child that makes February 22nd so meaningful for Aberli and Hank Spear.

Judah’s parents would treat her as the most astounding miracle no matter what day, time, room, or weight she arrived at. There is no need for “Angel Numbers” (repeating number sequences)!

Aberli Spear was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and battled it for several years. Despite her victory, physicians informed her and her husband, Hank, that they would be unlikely to conceive.

Aberli and Hank Spear investigated alternative methods of conception, such as in-vitro fertilization. However, the exorbitant price tag put it out of their reach. As a result, the couple chose to entrust their reproductive concerns to the Lord.

“We prayed that we would have kids,” Aberli explained. At last, Aberli and Hank discovered they were pregnant with the baby they never thought they would have. Doctors put Aberli’s due date at 2/22/22, but the couple figured their baby girl would come on a different day. So rarely do babies actually arrive on their predicted due date.

The chances grew even slimmer when doctors discovered baby Judah was breached. They induced Aberli at 11:50 pm on 2/20. But then the first-time mom ended up in labor for 26 hours!

When the couple first arrived at the hospital, staff put them in delivery room No. 3. However, the monitors in the room weren’t working properly. So, the staff moved the couple to room No. 2.

When the clock struck midnight on 2/22/22, Hank had a wild thought he shared with his mother-in-law. “You know, it would be kind of crazy if she waited another two hours,” he said.

And that’s just what happened! Baby Judah Grace Spear arrived two hours later at 2:22 am on 2/22/22 in what Hank called “God’s timing.” “A miracle baby,” proud mama Aberli gushed. “That’s why we decided to choose the name Judah because it means praise – just praising God for giving us our heart’s desires.”

So, while all the twos certainly make for an interesting story, it’s the fulfillment of God’s promise that makes it a miracle. “It’s like looking at the impossible — what I was told I couldn’t have — is actually a reality,” Aberli explained. “It still feels like a dream.”

Faith is trusting in things unseen (Hebrews 11:1). And Judah Grace is a product of Aberli’s and Hank’s faith. They trusted the Lord to give them a child and He did. That’s what gives the 2/22/22 birth meaning. And that’s why Aberli feels it’s important to share their story — to “bring hope to people to keep fighting and keep praying for what they want.”

“It will be totally worth it because God answers every prayer,” she says.

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