Doe entered the shop. The best customer ever. What happened after that?

The week before the New Year holidays it is extremely busy in stores. People are hurriedly buying everything they need for themselves and gifts for their loved ones. Sellers these days are used to a variety of buyers!

However, an unwelcome guest entered a modest business in the American community of Fort Collins, Michigan… a doe in person. She also walked with a confident stride, as if she knew exactly where she was going and what she was going to buy for New Year’s gifts.

Lori, a saleswoman, subsequently commented that it appeared to be quite amusing and that she couldn’t stop laughing when she saw the animal staring out the window with glasses, before moving on to chips. She was about to recline thereafter carefully studying the store’s assortment, which was not right at all, when the saleswoman enticed the doe with a tasty treat.

The incident, however, did not finish there. After 30 minutes, the entire deer family entered the store. The fawns, on the other hand, turned out to be extremely well-behaved.

They stood at the threshold as if asking Lori’s permission to go inside. The girl was amused and touched by this, but, unfortunately, she had no right to let the animals enter, and simply took a couple of shots with forest guests and then lured them out with treats.

The town of Fort Collins is located at the foot of the cliffs and wild animals are found there in abundance, but the deer came into the store for the first time.

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