This is House of Broken Dishes. The history of this unique and beautiful place. Take a look inside!

La Maison Cassée Vaisselle or the House of Broken Dishes, located in the city of Louviers in France, is a curious sight. In 1952, textile factory worker Robert Weissel and his wife decided to completely decorate their house and garden with a mosaic of dishes. The idea came to Robert when he wanted to decorate his kitchen sink with mosaics.

No wallpaper, no paint — that was the couple’s decision. Only bright porcelain, glass, broken dishes, and shells, all in rainbow colors. And so it has been going on ever since.

Although the original owners of this lovely estate are no longer alive, their son has carried on their vision and improved the property. Tourists no longer overlook this one-of-a-kind and breathtakingly stunning location.

All of the walls in the house, including the stairwell and the doghouse, are covered with mosaics. There is an incredible quantity of information gathered here. Robert worked with the scavengers and negotiated with acquaintances, friends, and neighbors.

Bring it to us if you’ve broken something, and bring it if you’ve found something. Everyone enthusiastically replied, and the masterpiece was born. In a sense, the house is the result of the efforts of the entire community.

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