Can You Spot The Alien In This Picture?

You’ve come to the correct place if you enjoy playing detective and solving riddles that most people find too difficult. We’ll put your logical thinking and visual skills to the test in today’s test by challenging you to figure out who is an extraterrestrial in disguise!

Four diners in a restaurant may be seen in the image below. One of them is an alien who has infiltrated planet Earth, while the other three are 100 percent human. Now is the time to find the alien!

In the image, you can see four young people enjoying their meals. The man to the left is feasting on his yummy pasta while the lady he’s with is looking at him and smiling while playing with her spaghetti.

In the background, you can see another couple. The girl to the right is eating a cupcake with a cherry on top while the guy she’s talking to is about to bite into a banana.

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