How does this Woman marry her father-in-law?

One woman told how she married her husband’s stepfather and had children with him after they divorced – despite the 29-year age gap. When Erica Quiggle, 31, married her first husband, factory worker Justin Towell, she was 19 years old.

After welcoming a son together, their relationship began to fall apart – and Erica, of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, USA, turned to Justin’s stepfather, Jeff, 60, for comfort. Not wanting to hurt anyone and with a nearly 30 year age gap, she tries to fight her feelings, but in 2017, when their marriage ended, Jeff confessed to feeling the same way. and they make their love public.

They then completed the family when their daughter, Brexlee, two, was born in 2018 after they got married in August of that year. Erica, who has known Jeff through Justin’s sister since the age of 16, said: ‘It sounds scandalous, but we had this love, we can’t deny. Despite everything, our relationship is perfect now.

Erica shares custody of her son with Justin, who is remarried and still lives in a close-knit community – as has his mother – and is now wishing the couple well. Meanwhile, Jeff, who did not name his ex-wife out of respect for her feelings, said that he found his soulmate in Erica. After leaving high school in 2008, Erica – then Erica Lane – who had grown up in a trailer park in Harrodsburg, left home to live with her then-boyfriend in nearby Lexington.

But that relationship broke down, in 2010 she returned home, found a job in a department store, and began dating Justin, then 27 years old – the brother of one of her classmates – before marrying him when she was 19 years old. His family and my family said we needed to do it and we were perfect for each other. Sadly, Erica said their relationship lacked sparkle and that even the birth of a son in 2012 wasn’t enough to keep them together.

While she got a job with a major makeup brand in 2015 and craves travel and adventure, Justin likes to settle down at home. As her ambitions grew, their differences became more and more pronounced. She said: ‘I’m building a team and want to continue being a director, travel and do something out of the ordinary. ‘In a small town, you don’t have many dreamers. It’s not that he doesn’t want me to do it – but he doesn’t get it.

Erica began attending auto shows and entering vintage or pin-up fashion modeling contests at local events as a newlywed, as she had always loved vintage clothing. The fact that Jeff’s stepfather was one of the show’s hosts brought them closer together. However, they quickly begin to confide in one another, with Erica admitting to have marital issues.

Jeff became her shoulder to cry on till her marriage dissolved in late 2015. Meanwhile, Jeff and Justin’s mother’s marriage had come to an end. The couple divorced in September 2016, and Erica and Justin divorced later that fall. Erica claims she was upset when she broke up with her family and moved back in with her parents.

Jeff confessed to Erica that he had strong feelings for her, despite the fact that they were both freshly single. She told Justin what was going on because she wanted to be honest with him, and he astonished her with his understanding answer. In late 2017, Erica and Jeff started looking for a home, and they quickly found their dream home, which they’ve been renovating ever since.

But as we prepare to move into early 2018, Erica said: ‘We had a bit of a surprise. Jeff’s proposal, just weeks after moving into their home and discovering that they were having a baby, although it wasn’t a huge romantic moment, it was still everything Erica dreamed of. to wish. They then got married in August 2018 at their new home, which was already filled with special memories that they cherish for a lifetime.

And while Erica is happily married to Jeff, she is concerned about rumors that she is divorcing Justin because of him. But she admits that the chemistry between her and her second husband was immediate. He also describes Erica as an ‘old soul’, meaning he doesn’t feel their age gap. Justin also congratulated the couple. He said: ‘It’s been a few years since all this happened, and I’ve left it behind and moved on.

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