Tricky brainteaser. Can you spot all 12 mistakes in this picture?

If you’re bored with Netflix and need something to occupy your time while on lockdown, try this classic brainteaser. People are being challenged to uncover the 12 faults hidden in this family photo in the latest social media challenge!

Can you see all of the deliberate errors in this 1950s-inspired drawing? The black-and-white image depicts a typical 1950s family, complete with a mother and father and five children. The mother and elder children are dining at the table, while the father relaxes on the couch with the infant and reads the newspaper.

But not everything in the pleasant home appears to be as it seems, as the challenge asks: “What is wrong with this picture?” “Can you spot the twelve purposeful errors in this image without consulting the answers?”

But if you’re still stuck, we’ve circled them below. The deliberate mistakes include no handle on the teapot – and the mum isn’t pouring into a mug either – a girl is stirring her tea with a knife, and the bread is shaped like a cloud.

Did you manage to find all the mistakes hidden in this family scene? Did you manage to find all the mistakes hidden in this family scene? One of the boy’s glasses are two different shapes, one oval and one rectangle, while the lamp is plugged into a socket, and the electric heater is smoking.

The mirror is only held up by one chain, and the legs on the coffee table are missing, while the dad’s newspaper is upside down. And the last mistakes include the poor cat in the birdcage, while the framed photo is upside down.

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