I Sleep In A Bed Full Of Kids Because One Day Soon, I’ll Wake To An Empty Bed, becouse…

“I sleep in a bed full of kids. On a regular morning, I wake up with a foot in my face, a head on my chest, and someone screaming in my ear or sitting on my head and saying, ‘Mommy wake up!’My instinct has always been to sleep near my babies!

I didn’t know my fate until I gave birth to a little wrinkled newborn and held her in my arms. And as a bone-tired first-time parent, who struggled to breastfeed, it just happened. My first baby wasn’t satisfied until she was on me or her hand was entwined in mine from our co-sleeper bassinet.

She eventually found her way into our bed as she grew older and it became safer. She’d move with me every time I tossed or turned, ensuring that our bodies remained united. It was the same with each child. It’s where they’re happiest and most at ease, and it’s also where I’m happiest.

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It’s reassuring to have my children nearby. We invite her in by holding her in our arms and calming her anxieties when we hear screams and little feet pitter-pattering in our room because my middle child had a nightmare. My daughter comes to me when she can’t sleep after going to the restroom in the middle of the night.

Our room, because it’s where she can relax and fall asleep again. Because our children don’t always want us around, to share a little space, to snuggle, I maintain an open bed policy. And I’m sure I’ll wake up one day to an empty bed. And I’m sure I’ll miss my kid-filled bed.”

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