This Veteran’s Security Camera Catches A Time When Mailman Comes But Not To Deliver A Package, but…

When a disabled veteran thinks back on people who have blessed her, the time her mailman comes to shovel snow off her front deck is a moment that warms her heart. Terri Halliday is a disabled veteran who had to have one of her legs amputated. And recently, she noticed an act of kindness that happened right outside her front door. Terri was able to see it all unfold on her video doorbell!

“I began watching on my phone, and I saw a mail delivery truck,” she shared. “The next thing I know, I see him coming up my steps with a snow shovel. He shoveled all the steps and cleared off my front deck. I was shocked but grateful.”

Terri and the mailman had only said hello to each other a few times at the end of her driveway while she was sitting in her powerchair. So she wanted to make sure to thank the kind man before he finished shoveling the snow. The interaction led Terri to find out that the mailman’s name was LeRon Britt.

A Mailman Is Caught On Camera Shoveling Snow For A Veteran. Terri afterward wanted to share LeRon’s act of goodwill on her Facebook page, so she shared a photo of him working that was taken by her video doorbell.

“As a disabled veteran with only one leg, this mailman in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, went above and above.” Outside the front entrance, he shoveled my steps and a tiny deck. He was caught on the wireless doorbell. He went above and beyond, for which I am appreciative,” she noted in her Facebook post. What a wonderful method to show your community that you care! Let us all take LeRon’s example and look for ways to help those in need around us.

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