This couple has a Big age gap in marriage. How they live now, after 3 years

The famous model Ksenia Delhi has always been distinguished by her pretty appearance, stunningly beautiful green eyes, and beautiful figure. It was pleasant for her fans, unpleasant for many on the contrary!

The news of her marriage first surfaced on social media in 2016. This story has gotten a lot of attention not because the young beauty’s heart is already taken. The age gap between her and her spouse was the topic of conversation. Yes, she had to deal with the well-known issue of public opinion.

The groom turned out to be an Egyptian oligarch. He was 64 years old at the time, and the model was 28. There is a 36-year age difference between them. The girl is unquestionably appropriate for the groom’s daughter.

After a gorgeous wedding that took place in Greece, they were attacked with criticism. Most netizens condemned the girl for such an obvious, mercantile marriage. But 3 years have passed. The couple did not make excuses but simply lived their happy life.

Their relationship has remained at the same excellent level. There has not been a single scandal over the years. In 2018, a beautiful baby girl appeared in the family. She was named Anastasia. To spite all the spiteful people, the couple lives in a happy marriage.

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