This 17-year-old girl married a 58 – year -old man . How they live now after 5 years?

Now unequal marriages are not uncommon, and sometimes they even turn out to be much stronger than other unions, where there is not such a big difference between spouses. So 58-year-old Victor was not at all confused by the age difference with the attractive Margarita.

She was his student, a smart and pretty girl, and she was still only 17 years old. They immediately started dating. But they didn’t tell anyone about their relationship. However, all the secrets are revealed sooner or later. So their joint shots instantly dispersed on the Internet.

They had been supplied to the network by a young man who Margarita had turned down. He adored her and courted her, but she had no intention of meeting or reciprocating. The man was so offended that he decided to share the photos on the internet.

The man was detained after the photographs were shared on social media. As a result, the man rushed to propose to the young lady. They’ve been dating for over five years. They love each other, despite the sidelong glances of others. They are raising lovely children. And how do you feel about such a connection? Are they sincere in their intentions?

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