He was only 13 years old at the time. What happened to the youngest father in the world?

About ten years ago in England, Alfie Patten’s boyfriend became famous as the youngest daddy. He was only 13 years old at the time. His girlfriend was 15 at the time!

When the guys found out about the little one, they did not tell their parents about it. But the secret became clear. Of course, the boy’s parents were afraid that now the boy’s life is completely ruined.

Everything worked out for the girl, and she was able to have another child and marry. Following this tragic experience, he began to live a less-than-ideal life. He lives with his mother and has no intention of having children.

He does confess, though, that he is relieved that the little one was not his. Let’s hope he makes the best of the time he has left to improve his life and, in the end, be happy.

When the little one was born, Alfie was very happy and began to take care of her. He walked with her, fed her, and looked after her. Of course, he could not support his daughter and her mother.

But he helped her in everything. But later the biological father turned out to be a completely different guy. Alfie was very upset. He was used to being a father and to the little one. And the girl took the girl and went to another city.

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