This woman got married an African guy. How she lives now with her three children?

Our heroine got married when she was very young. When she first became a mom, she already realized that the man she chose as her husband and father for her future children was not the one she imagined!

And even too far from her imagined person. But our heroine believed that if she did her best, everything would change. However, nothing changed, and even turned worse day by day. And taking her three children she left her husband.

One day she started corresponding on a dating site with Mathias, an immigrant from Africa. It turned out that this exotic man came to this fair city to find a good job and, if luck smiled, to start a family with a beautiful Slavic woman.

He was unconcerned by their eight-year age gap or the fact that she had three children. Our heroine, on the other hand, was initially wary of the Africans. But Mathias quickly began to indicate that he was serious about his actions.

Despite many skeptics and opposing ideas, the couple married soon after. They now have two children together. And, despite many challenges, they were able to achieve harmony in their multicultural and lovely family.

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