Many people are deeply touched by the 80-year-old mother’s final letter. “I regretted giving birth four sons”

The 80-year-old’s final letter titled “Thank you for taking care of your mother but I regretted giving birth to you” has made many people unable to hold back their tears. “Dear my sons, Today is June 6, I am over 80 years old, which also means that I have lived 80 years already. For such a long time, I gave birth to four children and raised eight grandchildren. That is, throughout my life, I have raised 12 people, both you and my grandchildren. So I thought I was old enough to understand my children.

Especially since a few years ago, after your father passed away, I clearly felt that the children became increasingly impatient with their mother. But at that moment, I really hoped that you could take me home, I wanted to live with you guys and I could do anything to be live with you. I waited but two months passed without one of the children picking up me. My heart was cold as I knew that they would never have that intention. Fortunately, you did not treat me badly. Each of you alternatively visited me for a week, so I no longer fear when the night falls again.

Actually, living up to this age, what is the most frightening? That is nothing but loneliness. I know you spent a year and nine months looking after your mother, which is roughly equivalent to 630 days. As a mother, I thank you for that action. But then, you guys meet me with scowling faces. When you come, you do not say anything and when you go, you did not tell me either. It’s like you’re going to the hotel and go through a strange old woman. I do not want to offend any of you. I do not eat any of your meals, nor wear your clothes and spend your money. But you always make me feel like visiting a mother is like debt, a burden to pay.

Even when your mother is not clear, you leave home every night, and no one stays with me. That made me feel more lonely than I had ever felt. You were with me for a year and nine months after your father died. I am grateful for this, but I will travel alone for the rest of my life. I’ve been dealing with loneliness for almost two years. You all came to my 80th birthday and wished I could live to be a hundred! But then I chuckled and

And my cardiac problem has just worsened. I don’t say that to you, and I’m at a loss for words. I hope the disease brings me to visit your father soon; if so, I would be extremely grateful for my life. I had a dream about your father a few days ago. “You will go with me!” he laughed as he glanced at me. You will no longer be lonely.” When I awoke, I noticed the stars outside the window, as well as a full moon and a large moon. I had a dream about your father picking me up on such a gorgeous night. Throughout my life, I have been grateful for his affection for his mother and for your care over the previous 630 days.

Mother’s heart ailment worsens by the day, and she realizes she doesn’t have much time left. As a result, I drafted this letter because the fate of mother and child is not promising. My hair is gone, and I can honestly say that I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I would like to add to this verse, “I am very sorry to give birth to you; if we have a future life, I do not want you to be my sons.” But, as a mother, I hope that all four of you will be happy in the future and that you will not be abandoned by your eight children. “After this letter, I want to put an end to everything… ” Finally, a few days later, it was discovered that the 80-year-old mother had died peacefully on her bed, her hand clutching the only photo of her and her husband.

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