This couple got married at 100 and 103. How they look will just amaze you!

You believe that you can meet your love at any age. That’s exactly what happened with John Cook and Phyllis. These are unusual newlyweds because they are both more than a hundred years old: John is 100 and Phyllis is 103. They live in the U.S. state of Ohio. By the way, the husband participated in the Second World War. A few months ago, the old couple went to court to get permission to marry, and they were told that they could do it right now.

Cook recalls that they didn’t even hesitate when they were offered to sign right away. We decided there was nothing to be delayed, but it was better to put an end to it once and for all. In fact, the couple took this step on purpose. They had been dating for over a year when they decided it was time to formalize their relationship.

And the newlywed wife claims that they truly love each other, though few believe her. Naturally, each of them had a significant other in the past, but fate had other plans for them. They are overjoyed that they have found each other. The newlyweds claim that they enjoy spending time together because they have a lot in common and there is always something to talk about.

But it also happens that a couple takes a break from each other. Everyone has their own apartment where they can be alone and reflect, but it’s not for long.

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