This veteran saved this girl. How they met after 12 years.

12 years ago, New Orleans (USA) was hit by the devastating Hurricane Katrina, which claimed more than 1,400 human lives. At that time, many medics and rescuers worked in the disaster area, including USAF Sergeant Mike Maroney. As Mike said, they all worked in terrible conditions, they traveled around the poorest areas, where a new danger was waiting for them — looters who were very negative and even aggressive towards people.

Of course, after a while, the rescuers began to lose their nerves. Mike was also hard from the fact that he left his little sons at home, whom he missed very much, besides they did not have a mother, and relatives were looking after them. It was the seventh day of the rescue operation, and suddenly people saw a family on the roof of one of the flooded houses.

They had been sitting there for a week trying to survive. Everyone was very sad and exhausted, only a little girl in a pink dress was laughing all the time and waving to the rescuers. When they managed to rescue people, the little girl hugged Mike tightly and at that moment he realized that everything he had experienced here was not in vain It’s been 10 years. Mike kept thinking about this girl and decided to find her. He wanted to thank her because she had saved him that day.

It turned out to be a difficult task because there was nothing from the information except one photo taken at the moment of the veteran’s farewell to the baby. After all, Mike was lucky, the girl was still found thanks to the Oprah Winfrey program. Mike thanked her for saving him when he was already on the verge of depression. And saying goodbye, they warmly embraced for the second time in their lives.

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