My kid didn’t hear anything: mum found out how to assist her daughter.

This narrative started in Australia four years ago. A female who is completely healthy Jamie was born at one of the neighborhood clinics. The parents were overjoyed, but they discovered something was amiss with the infant within the first month of his existence. “Our infant didn’t respond at all to the noises.” And we decided to go to the physicians,” Ben, the family’s patriarch, recounts.

Doctors verified that the girl suffers from severe hearing loss. The right ear is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly dea. There was just one way out: surgery and the installation of a specific hearing aid. Jamie immediately adapted to the implant, according to Jamie’s mother, Lisa Pliksh, and there were no complications for the first several months.

It all started when the girl began to teeth. “As my baby got older, she became more interested in the world around her.” She chewed our first hearing aid effectively. “And at the time, I thought it would be good to repair it,” Lisa explains. What was the mother’s dismay when she found just a few of versions of caps to which implants were affixed at a specialist store? They didn’t have a unique design, and they were pretty uninteresting.

“I concluded I had to create my own hearing aid design.” After some consideration, I made a silky, vibrant bandage that both held the implant securely and ornamented my daughter.”
It is worth mentioning that not only Jamie, but also her pals, approved of this concept. Lisa had received her first orders for such headbands. My daughter grew up, and the fasteners’ design evolved.

For ornamentation, I now use rhinestones, sequins, earrings, and fabric. Jamie and I are presently creating jewelry together. “My daughter adores pink and gleaming stones.” Lisa Pliksh’s fame in developing hearing aid accessories has developed to the point that she has opened her own online shop named “Lisa’s Quiet World.”

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