A woman emerges from a coma with a “message from Jesus.”

When you’re not feeling well, it can be difficult to find the right medical treatment. Because of these difficulties, many people will avoid it entirely until it is too late. Wait times, expenses, and inconveniences are all difficult to deal with when you are not feeling well. Yvonne Sklar’s story exemplifies how this type of procrastination can lead to death. According to CBN, she was miserable for two weeks and assumed she was suffering from a particularly bad case of the flu…

She eventually passed out. When she was given the opportunity to explain her symptoms to the doctor, they quickly realized she was suffering from pneumonia. However, this was the least of her worries at the time. She was in septic shock because an infection had spread to her blood. They’d have to act quickly if they wanted to keep her alive. It was time for the medical team to induce a coma to ensure her continued safety.

It’s a terrifying prospect, and we’re sure Yvonne was terrified when it was first mentioned. Her friends and family, on the other hand, were always nearby. They tried their hardest to be encouraging and upbeat. Her life would be forever altered while she was in a coma. When she awoke, she told an incredible story. Yvonne claims that while in a coma, she visited Heaven. She claims to have visited the Kingdom of Heaven and to have received a message from Jesus himself.

These are the clips we enjoy the most. Life gives us plenty of opportunities to put on our cynical hat. Take a look at it below: We understand that this type of thing may make some readers skeptical. That is why we urge you to watch her special message and see it for yourself. When you see the conviction behind her words, it will be difficult to remain cynical.

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