Mother ANGRY After Her Daughter’s Daycare Teacher Touched Her Mouth And Decided To Remove Her Wobbly Tooth

A mother was enraged when she discovered that a daycare teacher had decided to touch her child’s mouth and remove a wobbly tooth despite her daughter’s request to stop. The mother from Melbourne, Australia, took to Twitter to express her displeasure with the incident. She claimed that removing the tooth goes against the body autonomy she has been trying to instill in her child.

Many parents agreed with her, but others thought the mother was overreacting and that the daycare teacher’s decision to remove the teeth wasn’t such a big deal, even praising the removal. “A newbie teacher did that at my old school and was immediately dismissed,” one parent said. We don’t wipe their noses, so why would we pull out their teeth? “My older sister ripped out all of my wobbly teeth; she even made them wobbly so she could rip them out!” At 35, all of my teeth are perfectly fine.”

“I’d be grateful,” a third parent said. Nothing is more unpleasant than pulling teeth. I wish one of my children’s teachers had extracted their wobbly teeth! Worst job ever. Parenting can be difficult at times. “I say give that worker a medal.” “Relax, it’s a tooth, not open heart surgery,” someone else wrote. Some children go to school with a tooth that is barely hanging on. It could have been swallowed if the teacher hadn’t done it. Congratulations to the teacher for resolving the issue.”

“It’s critical that we empower children to ask an adult to stop touching them,” said another. “I think what should have been done was to notify the mother and get instruction as to what she wants to be done and have it documented,” wrote another. It’s ridiculous, but it would reduce liability. I don’t believe any harm was intended, but I believe the mother should have been informed.” What are your thoughts on the matter? Tell us in the comments, and SHARE this story with your friends and family!

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