If you think online dating is a hard gig, try finding a significant other in 1865.

If you think meeting people through online dating is challenging, just try finding a life partner in the year 1865. This ‘wife wanted’ ad, originally published in a newspaper in the 19th century, has been passed down through the generations until a photocopy of it was uploaded to the internet.

A hardworking man with a “good set of teeth” was the kind of man most women would have swooned over in the 1800s, when life was much more straightforward. The young man, 18, was looking for a woman to pamper in Aroostook County, Maine. Nonetheless, he had to locate her first.

Read the complete heartwarming transcript here: I am 18 years old, in possession of a perfectly functional set of teeth, and a firm supporter of Andy Johnson, the American flag, and July 4th. In the past year, I have acquired a State lot, cleared eighteen acres of it, and seeded ten of those acres.

My buckwheat is top-notch, and my oats and potatoes are formidable. In addition to a home and a barn, my possessions include nine sheep, a two-year-old bull, and two cows. For personal reasons, I seek a spouse.

I hope to one day be able to provide a woman with a lifetime supply of toast, hoop skirts, and waterfalls. The problem is exactly that. I wish I could help, but I don’t know how. Whether or not this young man ultimately found his soul mate is unknown, but his efforts (and buckwheat) deserve praise regardless. Get the word out about his confidence!

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