They installed a camera in a hospital room to investigate why elderly people cried. What they witnessed sent shivers down their spines.

We usually observe how nurses treat their patients when we visit a hospital. Some people are very nice, but others can be cruel, especially to the elderly. Jared Axen is known as the “Angel sent from Heaven” by his patients at Valencia Hospital. Jared is unlike any nurse you’ve ever seen. He doesn’t go the traditional route when it comes to comforting his patients. He sings beautiful songs to them and connects with them on a more personal level this way.

“Hospice is not about giving up,” Jared writes on his blog. It’s about making those final months, weeks, days, and hours count.” When asked how he became “The Singing Nurse,” Jared responded beautifully: When people ask what I do, I tell them I’m a musician or artist, but I’m also a nurse. I started singing to my patients one day. Singing is what I do. A few patients informed the media about it. Everything else is history.

I appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. I appeared on Good Morning America. I’ve appeared on the TV show The Doctors. I’ve been interviewed all over the United States. However, I’ve been singing to patients since 2007, long before the media and television became aware of it. I was in college the first time I sang to a patient. The patient had recently been diagnosed with cancer.

As I brought her medication, I came in singing. She had been crying but immediately began to smile. That’s when I realized my singing was therapeutic. Nursing begins with the doorframe. Watch an incredible moment in this video, which has received over seven million views. She made her cry, which caused me to cry:

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