The woman desired grandchildren but was only given a daughter.

Anna was from a small provincial town. It was May, and the woman had no plans for her day off. Anna lived alone because her daughter was living elsewhere. The woman had no grandchildren, despite the fact that she wished to be a grandmother, but her daughter wanted to pursue a career first, so her thoughts were not on the family. And on her day off, Anna decided to go for a morning walk out of boredom. She noticed an unusual bundle while walking through the park and past the lilac bushes.

The woman approached to see what it was. The package was revealed to be a baby! It was unclear whether the child was alive or not because he lay motionless and silent, his eyes closed. Anna gathered her courage and took the infant in her arms. A loud cry was heard at the same time. The woman initially assumed that the child’s parents were nearby because she couldn’t imagine anyone just leaving him there and walking away.

However, it was later revealed that this is exactly what occurred. On the same day, Anna called the police, an ambulance, and social services to learn everything she could about the child’s parents. However, it would be preferable if they did not find them because the family was discovered to be alcoholic. They simply did not want the girl. The baby was simply abandoned under a lilac bush by the girl’s mother.

The little one was extremely fortunate to have been discovered. The woman deliberated for a long time, weighing the pros and cons before deciding to adopt Sophia. However, Anna’s entire entourage, including her own daughter, was opposed to such a decision. She generally mocked her mother, saying that at your age, you should be taking care of your grandchildren rather than having children, even adopted ones. However, the woman stated that the grandchildren would not be born for a long time, though another daughter would be born.

Even if she works as a receptionist. Anna was initially harsh on Sophia because, after all, she was 52 years old and no one helped her with Sophia. The woman quit her job and began renting a second apartment in order to devote herself entirely to the girl. They subsisted on this money. Since then, 11 years have passed, and the woman has never regretted adopting Sophia during that time.

Yes, it was difficult, but the girl is now healthy, loved, and content. Furthermore, Sofika proved to be a calm and obedient child, which Anna appreciated. The girl is now twelve years old. She assists her mother with everything and even cooks her own meals. Anna isn’t concerned about Sofia’s future because if she goes, the girl will be taken by the woman’s own daughter, who still doesn’t have any children of her own.

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