2 Total Strangers Pay For Grandma And Grandson’s Dinner And Leave A Heartfelt Note

When the meal on their dinner date was paid for by two complete strangers, an Arizona grandmother and grandson were the recipients of a random act of kindness. Gretchen Caiazzo was out for dinner with her 14-year-old grandson, Cole, in Chandler, Arizona.

They were having a good time, completely unaware of the impending big surprise. A couple noticed their sweet moments, sharing food together and making memories, while they were enjoying their food. They’d be reminiscing about those memories for a long time, especially Cole.

When the time came to pay for the meal, The server informed Gretchen that their meal had been paid for by a couple and handed her a note left by them. “We enjoyed watching your special date,” the note said. It got us thinking about how much we miss spending time with our grandmothers. This time is extremely valuable.

It’s wonderful that you’re making memories together. Have fun with each other. God bless you – Christine and Vernon.” Cole’s father, Adam, expressed his delight and gratitude by posting a photo of the note on social media with the caption, “Random acts of kindness amaze me!!!” I’m grateful that there is still beauty and kindness in the world, especially when it seems so difficult to find some days!”

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